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Gaia Orion


  • The sacred geometry of Gaia Orion's original art are contemplative. Colorful mandalas and spiral art are created with a mindfulness that brings peace and serenity to people's space and lives.

    Contemplative Paintings

    Choose original art to bring lasting joy and appreciation into your life

    Wholeness Series
  • Eco Greeting Cards

    Send unique, heartfelt, meaningful notes to your friends and family for every occasion

    Eco Greeting Cards
  • Framed prints on Canvas

    Ship it rolled, stretched or framed and let the art brighten your everyday space!

    Archival Art Prints
  • Handmade Eco Art Jewelry

    The meaning and beauty of each piece of art is even wearable!

    Eco Art Jewelry


New York Art Critic on Gaia's painting Autumn Reflections

"The artist’s rendition of colorful intensity suggests movement within the still composition of the image. Pictorial details become secondary as the core of Gaia Orion’s primary aesthetic becomes apparent through the psychological experience of color. Here, in the “Autumn Reflection” award-winning piece, the wonder of landscape emerges from visual sensation rather than illusion."

Jill Conner, New York Based Art Critic – Editor of Whitehot Magazine, Editor of On-Verge

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