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Her Journey Eco Earrings

Gaia Orion

HER JOURNEY: Her life is a series of cycles within each other. She is experiencing, learning, growing each day as well as through monthly moon cycles, seasons passing and stages of life.


1. Brass medallions with brass copper plated earwire. Medallion sizes are 1.5 × 2.4cm.

2. Sterling Silver medallions and ear wires are .925 sterling silver. Medallion sizes are 1.9 × 2.5cm.

Miniature art print is coated with non-toxic eco-resin. All the jewelry is carefully handmade and crafted by the artist.


FEMME EN CHEMIN: Chaque jour elle expérience, apprend et grandit, au travers des cycles lunaires, au fil des saisons qui passent et suivant les étapes de vie.