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Our Journey Eco Earrings

Gaia Orion

OUR JOURNEY: I see life as seasons passing and returning. Where does it really start? When does it end? When the caterpillar ‘dies’, it has no idea that it is initiating the birth of a beautiful butterfly.


1. Brass medallions with brass copper plated earwire. Medallion diameters are 1.9 cm.

2. Sterling Silver medallions and ear wires are .925 sterling silver. Medallion diameters are 1.9 cm.

Miniature art print is coated with non-toxic eco-resin. All the jewelry is carefully handmade and crafted by the artist.


Collections: Eco Art Earrings, Eco Art Jewelry

Category: art, cycles, eco earrings, handmade, life journey, meaningful, moon, spiral art, wholeness

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