Our Journey Prints

Gaia Orion

OUR JOURNEY: I see life as seasons passing and returning. Where does it really start? When does it end? When the caterpillar ‘dies’, it has no idea that it is initiating the birth of a beautiful butterfly.

PRINT DESCRIPTION: All prints are made in Canada with lasting archival inks and are UV protected. The giclee prints on canvas are limited edition signed by the artist (Edition of 500) 

Please note that the website watermark is not on the printed canvas but is only on the site to protect the copyright image.


CHEMIN DE VIE: La vie est faite comme les saisons qui passent. Quand est-ce qu’elle commence? Et quand finit-elle? Quand la chenille ‘meure’ elle n’a aucune idée qu’elle initie la naissance d’un magnifique papillon.