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Retreats 2021 - From Your Uterus to Your Paintbrushes

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All the detailed info on these events are on this page.

From lockdown to freedom of being and joy of creating, we will explore the energies of our uterus and allow our feminine nature to flourish. Our uterus will be our anchor and our dream catcher so that we can travel outside of time and space during our time together.

You have three options:
  • 3 days online March 5-7 CAN$435
  • 5 days in Southern France (Drôme) - July 4-8 CAN$745 (+ food and lodging).
  • Both retreat (15% Off) CAN$1,000

For July, you can also decide to only pay a down payment for now of CAN$150.

You will be able to participate in the July retreat remotely (online) if you cannot join us in beautiful Southern France!


Accommodations and meals are to be paid directly with the retreat centre La Danse des Papillons.


The number of participants is limited so you are invited to sign up as soon as possible. This will also allow you to reflect on what want to emerge during the retreat time.

FOR OUR CANCELLATION POLICY check out the bottom of this page 


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